Price of Imaging Patient Charts Orange County

Our medical chart digital imaging members in Orange County are the standard for speed, reliability and accuracy. Your charts are as important to us as they are to you. Your patient files are imaged in a HIPAA compliant, secure and confidential manner, adhering to the highest legal and ethical standards. Many have the following characteristics and capabilities.

  • Closed Production Area with 24/7 Surveillance
  • Highly Trained and Screened Personnel
  • Confidential Document Handling
  • Secure Pick and Delivery(Vehicles have GPS and security alarms.
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Price of Imaging Patient Charts in Orange County

The following are normal patient imaging requests our customers have made. Do you have similar requests? If so, call the members of the medical records scanning association in your area now.

  • I am wondering about having medical documents scanned. I have 1000 pages at this time, and expect to have 7500 to 10000 pages before too long. These pages would have to compatible be with our software which I believe will be Sage Intergy. Also, th
  • looking for a document scanning company to scan patient results and put them on disks for us in a PDF format. This would be a monthly service. Is there anyway I can get a quote for this type of service.
  • I am working with a client to close his medical practice. He is in need of patient records being scanned for retrieval down the road. Is this something you can help me with?.
  • We have 3 4-drawer lateral file cabinets full of medical bills that are stored filed alphabetically. We need to move these out of the cabinets they are in, but don't have space to store them in boxes, so we are trying to determine what the cost woul
  • I have a client that is converting to EMR and is struggling to complete the scanning.

Orange County Area Frequently Asked Questions About Chart Imaging

How Much Does It Cost?

The exact cost is determined by the conditions of the chart including, how many staples, paperclips, two sided documents, irregular sized documents, color images, etc. The costs for medical document conversion are low.  They are pennies per page to be scanned.  The benefits over time of having the documents scanned can be significant in terms of the cost of filing, retrieving, find lost files, maintaining document security etc.

Can You Host The Documents On-Line - in the Cloud?

Our members are able to upload the medical records to a cloud server and give you access to that server with appropriate password protection. The electronic documents are stored on our encrypted and firewall protected servers.  We set up a password system and indexing system, so all your documents are secure, but readily available to the authorized personnel.

How Long Does It Take To Convert My Files To a Digital Format?

Most file scanning projects take less than a week depending on your volume. Let us know what your specific requirements are.

Contact the members in your area if you have any other questions about patient records scanning.

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