Patient Chart Scanning Companies in San Marcos

The chart scanning members in San Marcos offer the following Records Scanning Services

  • Pick up and return in the metropolitan area
  • Document imaging scanning (regular and large format)
  • Indexing
  • Full Text OCR
  • Optional OCR services
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The quotes below are typical requests made of our members over the years. Do you have similar requests? If so, call the members of the medical records scanning association in your area now.

  • would like to have some information regarding your services, this is a pediatric clinic and we need help with our paper
  • I have a client that is converting to EMR and is struggling to complete the scanning.
  • Inquiring on price range for scanning off site approximately 5,000 patient records. We would like these scanned to disk, is this also possible?.
  • I would like to know your price for scanning and putting patient files on cd or other storage formats. Large volume.
  • We need to have approximately 1700 patients chest x-ray films scanned

Medical Offices Scanning All Their Files in the San Marcos Area Become More Efficient and Profitable

Going Paperless can reduce your office operating expenses in the following ways.

  • Chart retrieval time, which minimizes the time to serve patients and improves satisfaction and probably profits.
  • Lost paper medical records are expensive to find or replace. An estimated 15% of files which are retrieved from file rooms are lost over time and are expensive to find or replace. Digital files are not lost.
  • Reduce the cost to store hard copy patient information.
  • Computers are already in the office, so going paperless takes no more office space. However, you get to remove the paper files from the office.

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