Medical Records Imaging Services in Spokane

The quotes below are typical requests made to our members in Spokane. Do you have similar requests? If so, call these companies now.

"Retiring from his medical practice. We are looking into scanning and archiving about 16,000 patients' records of 40 pages/record on the average. Please provide an estimate for the job in Spokane."

" We are looking for a document scanning company to scan patient results and put them on disks for us in a PDF format. This would be a monthly service in in Spokane. Is there anyway I can get a quote for this type of service."

" My company is a non-profit medical clinic with locations throughout Spokane and we are trying to find a company to scan all our paper medical records. I would like to know the process you use, how we recieve our scanned documents."

"I am working with a client to close his medical practice next to Spokane. He is in need of medical records being scanned for retrieval down the road. Is this something you can help me with?"

"Do you scan medical documents located just south of Spokane? If so, we have about 10 boxes of well organized files that need scanning and would need to be accessible (i.e. cataloged for ease of access)."

"Help us retrieve, scan medical charts in storage for electronic filing. We have around 2262 charts located at offsite storage facility Spokane."

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The members of Medical Records Scanning Companies of America in Spokane provide state-of-the-art document imaging systems, components, and services. The company members have distinguished themselves as the preeminent service providers. We have built solid, long-term relationships with most of the larger banks and insurance companies as well as other commercial, industrial and public sector organizations.  These relationships extend to both end-users and the information systems community.


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