Medical Record Scanning in San Francisco

The members of Medical Records Scanning Companies of America in San Francisco are award winning providers of medical records scanning. We also provide paper document scanning services at our facility or most members will scan at your site. All work is performed by certified professionals who have extensive industry experience and backgrounds. Our scanning center is HIPAA compliant.   Call us for a no obligation quote or visit.

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Certified Document Imaging Architects(CDIA+) engineers on staff offer personalized quality service at affordable rates for businesses of all sizes. Our service and prices are superior. We love what we do and we do it well!

Clinics, hospitals and medical offices ask the members of the medical scanning the following types of questions in response to being asked ""What Can We Do For You"". Do you have similar needs and if so call a couple of the members in your area to find out what can be done for you too.

  • Interested in preliminary information regarding medical records scanning options..
  • Chiropractic. Looking to see the costs of scanning files into computer. Currently using Electronic Documentation and would like to consider scanning patient files into their computer file. Do have small stack of xrays that I would like a price on
  • We are considering outsourcing the imaging of our medical record file room. There are thousands of records. We are trying to get a ballpark figure for budgeting purposes. We have the scanners, software, and computers. We mainly want to know the cost
  • We have about 10,000 files of varying sizes, but averaging around 65 pages per and mostly all single-sided letter-sized. We would need b&w scans to PDF and would not need to be able to text search the entire document. Patient files are currently kep


Restrict Access to Only Those Authorized.

A major accounting firm suggests that documents that are handled daily are done so with little regard to privacy regulations. For example, patient records could be left on a desk or counter and other places where the general public would have immediate access. Electronic Medical Records systems have restrictions built into them so that only the authorized are able to see patient records. One way unauthorized people get access to medical records is when the records are no longer useful and are thrown into the trash instead of shredded.