Medical Record Scanning in Philadelphia

* Document Imaging Scanning
* Full backfile conversions onsite and offsite (most members)
* Electronic Medical Records Solutions
* Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
* File Formatting
* Specialized Color and Grayscale Imaging

Clinics, hospitals and medical offices ask the members of the medical scanning the following types of questions in response to being asked ""What Can We Do For You"". Do you have similar needs and if so call a couple of the members in your area to find out what can be done for you too.

  • I am working with a client to close his medical practice. He is in need of medical records being scanned for retrieval down the road. Is this something you can help me with?.
  • We have 3 4-drawer lateral file cabinets full of medical bills that are stored filed alphabetically. We need to move these out of the cabinets they are in, but don't have space to store them in boxes, so we are trying to determine what the cost would
  • I'm interested in medical record scanning services. Do you do onsite record scanning?
  • own a small computer company specializing in medical. I have some clients who are interested in document scanning for their medical records. I am researching to get them quotes. What do you charge per page? Please send me some pricing information
  • We are looking for a document scanning company to scan patient results and put them on disks for us in a PDF format. This would be a monthly service. Is there anyway I can get a quote for this type of service.

Why Scan Your Medical Charts?

Start your Medical Record Scanning Project now to enjoy these benefits.

  • Save time and money
  • Restrict the access to only those authorized
  • Reduced time spent looking for files
  • Good for the environment
  • Protect yourself from natural disasters such as hurricane Katrina

doctor-computer-4The patient medical chart is the key document in healthcare. It communicates the specific information that doctors need. The immediate availability of such a record can make health care more efficient. Finding charts in the office or recalling charts from the Record Storage Company can be time consuming. Sometimes charts get lost too.

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