Medical Chart Scanning Companies in Fallbrook

Our medical record imaging members in Fallbrook are the leaders in Document Imaging.

  • Small Format Letter/Legal Scanning
  • Wide Format Print Scanning
  • Pick-Up and Delivery
  • 24 Hour Turn Around
  • Color Scanning Services
  • Microfilm Conversion Services
  • Microfiche Conversion Services
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Document Destruction Services
  • Hard Copy Records Storage Services
  • Data Entry Services

Companies Who Image Medical Records in Fallbrook

"What Can We Do For You". That is what each visitor to this website is asked. Here are a number of their responses. Please call a couple of the members of the association to secure a quote for your scanning job now.

  • Interested in preliminary information regarding medical records scanning options..
  • I'm interested in medical record scanning services. Do you do onsite record scanning?
  • Just started EMR. Interested in having a quote in scanning/shredding old records.
  • Need to discuss requirement to scan, file, index, ocr patient records. Approximately 1500 files with estimate of 50 pages per file.
  • 1)Can you start by giving us a quote on your 10,000 page minimum. 2)The quantity in question to be scanned is approx 5 storage Cabinets( each 3'width by 6' tall filled with patient paper files with are in folders and are letter size documents.

Start Your Medical Record Scanning Project near Fallbrook Now to Enjoy These Benefits.

  • Restrict the access to only those authorized
  • Reduced time spent looking for files
  • Protect yourself and patients from natural disasters such as hurricane Katrina
  • Save time and money
  • Good for the environment
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