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Cost of Scanning Charts in Santa Monica

The patient records scanning members in Santa Monica offer our in-house document scanning services to guarantee our clients and their patients with the most secure document scanning process while maintaining industry leading customer service.

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  • All Paper sizes Letter/Legal/11x17
  • Pick-Up, Delivery, Ship or Web Base Services
  • Onsite Scanning Service available
  • Color & Grayscale Scanning Services
  • File formats PDF, TIFF, JPG
  • OCR - Optical Character Recognition

Cost of Scanning Charts in Santa Monica

Do you need medical file scanning? The following are quotes from others like you who needed medical scanning and contacted our members.

  • I am looking for a company that provides scanning services. We are a billing company that scans all the medical billing records in house at the moment. Please send me information and quotes if possible.
  • We have about 10,000 files of varying sizes, but averaging around 65 pages per and mostly all single-sided letter-sized. We would need b&w scans to PDF and would not need to be able to text search the entire document. Patient files are currently kep
  • discussed hiring your company to help with scanning dental documents. I was
  • Document scanning of approximately 1 million pages of patient record information into a designated shared drive. The documents will need to be organized into specific files given by u.
  • Chiropractic. Looking to see the costs of scanning files into computer. Currently using Electronic Documentation and would like to consider scanning patient files into their computer file. Do have small stack of xrays that I would like a price on

Disaster Recovery, An Important Consideration in Santa Monica

Hurricane Katrina destroyed millions of pages of irreplaceable medical records. Many of those records included baseline medical test which eventually had to be redone at great expense. If the documents had been scanned and stored, they would not have been destroyed and then recreated. Millions of patient chart images can be stored on an external hard disk drive which is the size of a hard bound novel.

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