Cost of Scanning Charts in San Diego

The medical records scanning companies who are members in San Diego are efficient solution providers for medical document imaging and electronic storage of charts. They provide cost-effective and easily accessible medical records. The volume of charts that must be kept for legal and historical reasons can become unmanageable without a systematic solution.

Our association members provide comprehensive medical records scanning solutions and will help your document management team get a better handle on your records management needs.

  • Needs assessment
  • Boxing of  documents
  • Indexing
  • Document preparation of files
  • Scanning
  • Delivery of digital files

Patient Chart Imaging Services in San Diego

Do you need medical file scanning? The following are quotes from others like you who needed medical scanning and contacted our members.

  • Looking to find a company to scan and sort hospital billing sheets for our Reps. Currently, our Reps keep these in their garages, attics and basements at their homes!
  • Interested in preliminary information regarding medical records scanning options..
  • I have a client that is converting to EMR and is struggling to complete the scanning.
  • 250 Employee patient records to be scanned for 2 manufacturing facilities..
  • I work for an eye doctor and we are wanting to make some room in the office and we have quite a few of old records that need to be scanned. We scan on a daily basis its just not making a dent in the records we have so were wanting some information

Costs Reduced in San Diego By Chart Scanning

The following are a list of costs with are eliminated once you start scanning.

  • create (label, package, copy) charts
  • file the medical records upon creation
  • retrieve charts (quadruple cost for lost or misfiled files)
  • refile document
  • ship some documents
  • fax some documents