Cost of Imaging Patient Charts San Mateo

Our Medical Document Imaging Members in San Mateo area are the leaders in Medical Records Scanning Services.

Benefits of Document Imaging with a Member of the Association

  • Dedicated Client Services and Account Managers
  • Access to records 24/7
  • Rush service guarantee
  • Nearly perfect service success records
  • Full control of records with Web Access

Medical Chart Imaging Services in San Mateo

Clinics, hospitals and other medical offices have already started to scan. The following are a number of ACTUAL QUOTES from medical institutions looking for scanning. If you have similar needs, please contact the medical chart scanning companies near you to get quotes.

  • discussed hiring your company to help with scanning dental documents. I was
  • Looking to find a company to scan and sort hospital billing sheets for our Reps. Currently, our Reps keep these in their garages, attics and basements at their homes!
  • would like to have some information regarding your services, this is a pediatric clinic and we need help with our paper
  • Interested in receiving information and a quote for services of scanning and/or storage of medical Device History records.
  • Need to discuss requirement to scan, file, index, ocr medical records. Approximately 1500 files with estimate of 50 pages per file.

San Mateo Area Frequently Asked Questions About Chart Imaging

Can You Host The Documents On-Line - in the Cloud?

We can host the files electronically to what is commonly called a cloud server and give you access to that server with appropriate password protection. The electronic documents are stored on our encrypted and firewall protected servers.  We set up a password system and indexing system, so all your documents are secure, but readily available to the authorized personnel.

What Happens To The Files After They Have Been Imaged?

Again, you tell us what you want done. You may want us to arrange for hard copy record storage for a short time while you verify the electronic files meet your needs. Then our members can get the files shredded, recycled and a certificate of destruction returned to you.

Contact the members in your area if you have any other questions about patient records scanning.

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