Cost of Imaging Patient Charts Anaheim

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Hurricane Katrina destroyed the paper records of hundreds of Southern businesses. Did you know the loss of those important paper files forced many of those same businesses to close their doors forever?

How safe are the paper records in your business office from fire, flood or tornado? The truth is.....they are not safe. Keeping your client information stored as paper files can be dangerous and outdated way to store your key client data This could be exposing your business to unforeseen liabilities.

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Visitors to our medical scanning association websites are asked ""What Can We Do For You"". Here are a number of their responses. Do you have similar needs? If so, please call a couple of the members to find the solutions you require including how much does it cost to scan charts.

  • This is my second request-unless I missed your reply, I am still seeking info on scanning our medical charts and storing on CD's in a search-able format. Please contact me with possible solutions and approximate pricing for this project.
  • Can you send me some high-level pricing on on-site scanning services? We have physician practices with thousands of charts
  • I would like an estimate/quote for scanning approximately 3 years of medical record charts with an approximate 1/4 inch thickness. Also, do you scan to regular or re-writable disks?
  • Inquiring about cost of paper medical chart scanning
  • we are a medical office and have 40-boxes of patient records that we are considering scanning. We would like a price, per box
  • Im looking into a company or companies that can scan old files onto disk. This would be BIG jobs for law firms.

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Scanned Files in Anaheim Can Be More Easily Secured With Password Protection and Encryption

The large number of people who have access to any given cubicle workspace or office area emphasizes the problem with medical records security. Those people include all employees, contractors, vendors, custodian staff and even some customers who can be in the workspace during the day or night. Of all those people, it is likely only one or two is *authorized* to view the file. If the file did not exist in hard copy paper form, but only electronically, it is easy to see how it would be easier to control access and comply with the laws like HIPAA.