Cost of Imaging Medical Charts in Carlsbad

The members of Medical Records Scanning Companies of America in Carlsbad bring over a decade of experience in scanning HR, accounting, insurance, medical, financial and other documents.

Many members have the capacity to process 300,000 pages a day, they lead the field in affordable paper conversions. They are able to bring this service because of their dedicated, professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment, facility and quality control process.

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Patient Chart Scanning Services in Carlsbad

Medical organizations have been scanning for years and more and more are digitizing medical charts everyday. The following are a number of ACTUAL QUOTES from hospitals, clinics, labs and doctors offices seeking a scanning solution. If you have similar needs, please contact the medical chart scanning companies near you to get quotes.

    • Document scanning of approximately 1 million pages of medical record information into a designated shared drive. The documents will need to be organized into specific files given by u.
    • need an estimate on scanning medical records and file retrieval.
    • Interested in receiving information and a quote for services of scanning and/or storage of medical Device History records.
    • I would like some information about the cost to scanning old dental records.
    • I am a psychologist in private practice in Carlsbad. I have therapy clients (whose records are more like medical records), and forensic clients (whose records are more like legal documents). I am seeking scanning services.
    • I want to know the quotes for scanning/converting our documents. Can you please send me a quote or what type of services you have? It's in Carlsbad area. I need the cost of scanning.
    • How do you charge? Do you shred after you scan? Is it confidential. Need scanning in San Diego area.
    • Approximately 100-150 bankers boxes near San Diego for scanning and shredding."

What is the Cost in Carlsbad of Scanning Medical Records?

The cost to scan medical records depends on a number of factors:

  • Are there two sided documents in the file
  • Are there unusual documents in the chart such as, sticky notes, EKG charts, XRAYS, Color Photos, etc.
  • Are the documents stapled, clipped or bound together
  • How many pages are there in the charts
  • How much indexing needs to be done