Chart Imaging Companies in Santa Clara

Our Chart Scanning Solutions Providers in Santa Clara are well suited to provide patient document scanning services from our local, safe and secure locations. Our members provide high quality chart scanning services that put clients' business needs first. We offer a variety of document management services that allow you to both quickly access your files and eliminate the costs and concerns of onsite storage and security. These services include:

  • Online Inventory Of All Your Documents / Files
  • Paper to electronic image conversion and hosting
  • Confidential secure destruction is offered by most members
  • Healthcare knowledgeable/ HIPAA compliant
  • Records retention management

Cost of Scanning Patient Charts in Santa Clara

Visitors to our medical scanning association websites are asked ""What Can We Do For You"". Here are a number of their responses. Do you have similar needs? If so, please call a couple of the members to find the solutions you require including how much does it cost to scan charts.

  • We have 3 4-drawer lateral file cabinets full of medical bills that are stored filed alphabetically. We need to move these out of the cabinets they are in, but don't have space to store them in boxes, so we are trying to determine what the cost woul
  • need an estimate on scanning patient records and file retrieval.
  • Just started EMR. Interested in having a quote in scanning/shredding old records.
  • I would like to know your price for scanning and putting patient files on cd or other storage formats. Large volume.

Typical Motivation for Santa Clara Clinics and Hospitals Starting Medical Records Imaging

THE LAW: Are you in compliance with the various privacy laws such as HIPAA or GLB or Facta?

SERVICE: Does it take too much time to retrieve a patient file. Would you like the files to be at your fingertips in the computer?

SPACE: Are you out of area and to continue to grow, do you need a special file system such as a rolling file system, which is very expensive?

COST: Would you like to reduce your overall costs of storage space instead of acquiring more office space for medical records storage?

SECURITY: Are your patient files safe in their current storage location or do a number of unauthorized people have access to your charts? Those unauthorized personnel include the night custodian service, machine repair people, temps, and other unauthorized staff?

DISASTER RECOVERY: If you had a disaster such as a hurricane, flood or fire, are your current documents protected?

CHART SHARING: Do you need to consult with other practitioners and therefore wish they could be looking at the same patient file as you at the same time?

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