This article measures the pros of onsite scanning versus off site scanning. Off site scanning is the process of scanning bills, medical history documents, etc with the use of a 3rd party scanning services. This means bundling the files, boxing them and transporting them to the service company. The scanning company will help you with this process. On the other hand on-site scanning is the process of scanning bills and medical history documents, etc while keeping possession of the documents at all times. In this case, the scanning equipment and professional scanning personnel are moved to your office and scan the files in your facility.

Why scan “on site” versus “off site”:

The major reasons as to why medical institutes should scan on site rather than off site are as follows. Offsite scanning requires far more time than on site scanning. The onsite scanning process is very easy to perform as the equipment is located within your facility. On the hand the equipment and personnel for offsite scanning is often located at a remote location and this results time spent packaging the files and transporting the files. While the files are offsite, the files will sometimes be required to be used. Onsite scanning provides the user with privacy of use.

 Having scanning equipment within the medical facility (onsite scanning) allows the user to have complete privacy of the scanned document. Another advantage of onsite scanning over offsite scanning is that often the ease of use is greater with onsite scanning than with offsite scanning.