It has become necessary for every clinic, hospital and medical practice to maintain and preserve records of every patient in a safe and reliable manner. They should have documents related to patient’s evolution, medical check-ups, and treatment, etc. These records should be preserved for at least 10 years. The best way to deal with loads of medical records, and medical charts, etc. is to employ current medical records scanning methods so that documents can be saved in the form of computer files. This will help in indexing the records resulting in quick retrieval and safety.

When it comes to the price of patient records scanning, it depends on a number of simple factors.

  • Are there documents in the file printed on both sides
  • Are there unusual documents in the file such as
    • Sticky notes
    • EKG charts
    • XRAYS
  • Are the documents stapled, clipped or bound together
  • How many pages are there in the charts

Are the electronic patients files going to be indexed. Invite the medical document scanning companies you chose to come and examine your patient medical charts in order to get an accurate cost of scanning.