Is it cheaper to store your medical records or have them scanned?

If you retrieve patient records periodically, then consider scanning versus off-site storage.  Suppose it costs $200 to scan a box of 100 charts.  Then the cost to scan a chart is roughly $2.00.  If you see the patient every year, you are going to need to retrieve the chart annually.  Suppose the cost to retrieve the medical file is between $5 and $15 each time.  You can see, it is plainly cheaper to scan then store. 

In most practices, you will see most patients once a year or every other year at worst.  It doesn't take many patients to tip the balance in favor of scanning.  If you see a patient annually, then you cost of retrieval is $5 to $15 per year for a a total of $25 to $75 over a five year period of time.   Those cost dwarf the cost of scanning a file one time and having it available forever online.   

If you see patients in an on-call or emergency basis, then it is extremely important to have their medical file immediately available.  Seeing a patient only once during a five year period of time, still makes it more cost effective to scan. 

There are further benefits associated with security and accessibility.