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David Murray, Director of Association
16200 SW Pacific Hwy, Suite H171
Portland, Or 97224

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Nationwide Scanning Services

Crowley Imaging

East Coast Office

5111 Pegasus Court, Suite M
Fredereick, MD 21704

West Coast Office

972 Amelia Avenue
San Dimas, CA 91773

Sales Contact: Christopher Crowley

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Medical Chart Imaging: 

Crowley Imaging provides high-quality imaging services to the archival, academic, corporate and government industries. Utilizing production-level scanning equipment, Crowley Imaging offers a wide range of analog and digital conversion services for projects of almost any volume and condition.

Imaging services include, but are not limited to:

  • Newspaper scanning
  • Book scanning
  • Film scanning (2 1/4; 4x5; 8x10)
  • Photo, slide, film and plate scanning
  • Map and drawing scanning
  • Paper document scanning
  • Microfilm, microfiche and aperture card scanning




Our document scanning solutions will help your company digitize all your documents via secure document imaging by our certified staff. Once scanned – your files can be stored on a computer’s hard drive, a third-party server ,cloud, CD, DVD, or USB drive. We are HIPAA compliant and serve companies and government agencies nation-wide. Global Document Services is here to ensure that your documents are handled with care and organized in the most efficient manner.

Fill Out The Email Form and Request Information or a Quote for Scanning

Our Services:

  • Medical Records Scanning
  • Litigation Scanning
  • HR / Accounting Scanning
  • Large Format / Blueprints Digitization
  • Document Redaction / Bates stamping
  • Museums and Libraries
  • Lab Notes
  • Books & Bound Documents
  • Construction Documents